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Yoga - private class

Classes designed to meet your specific needs: Beginner, Flow, Vinyasa, Alignment, Fascia Release

  • 1 hour
  • Home Studio, Winchester. Or Yoga Studio at Station Mill, Alresford

Strictly Dance

I love to teach one-to-one as it provides this amazing opportunity to design classes that will meet your needs. I will work with you to understand what you hope to achieve through yoga, looking at how you can work to open your body progressively, as well as helping you make a deeper connection to your practice, using the breath to find presence and peace in the mind. There may be an injury or painful part of your body you'd like to focus on, or an area of tightness; or you're simply looking for the confidence to get on the mat and start discovering what the remarkable practice of yoga can do for you. My classes typically include gentle openers, rejuvenating twists, and fluid flow. I also focus on various 'Marma' points of the body - so as you move between different yoga poses, the addition of touch not allows a deeper connection to the body and mind, but these points are believed to help sustain the flow of energy throughout the body. I compliment all touch with essential oils including: lavender, rose, chamomile, bergamot, ylang ylang or jasmine. Prices: 45 mins - £45 60 mins - £50 75 mins - £60 Locations: Home Studio - Andover Rd, Winchester, SO22 6AX Station Mill - New Alresford, SO24 9JQ Contact me to find a time that works for you, and we'll get started on that journey...

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your booking, please do so at least 48 hours before the class is due to begin in order to be re-credited your 'Class Credit', or refunded your payment.



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