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Spring Awakening Day Retreat

Saturday 20th April

9.45am - 4.30pm

Damson Hill, Swanmore

Join Natalie & I for this 'Spring Awakening' day Retreat at a beautiful woodland venue.

As we begin to move from the Yin of winter, into the Yang of Spring. Energy is beginning to move and awaken, nature is calling for creation and activity after the winter rest- it is time for us to do the same. 

Connect with yourself, nature and other like minded women. Spend the day nourishing your body, mind and soul; we will begin the day with breathwork, meditation & journaling, moving into an awakening, heartfelt yoga flow, to shake of the winter slumber. Delicious, healthy lunch will then be served with the option to take a walk in the local woodland or chill and enjoy the surroundings. After lunch we will return for a grounding, restorative practice, setting intentions & visions for the season ahead. Finishing with a closing fire pit circle. 

Leave feeling nourished and restored. 


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Meet Natalie

Growing up movement & sports were always a huge part of my life. My yoga journey began when I was living across the sea, exploring the amazing wonders of Asia, South America, Australia & New Zealand. Whilst I was travelling through Beautiful India; the birth place of yoga, I was curious to what all the fuss was about and took my first ever class on a rooftop in Rajasthan.

Yoga had me hooked, initially I loved the movement practice, however as I delved deeper into my yoga practice, I started noticing small changes within myself.. how yoga made me feel, how my perspective changed towards situations and how it made me want to treat my body.

I then went onto taking my first 200hrs back in the home of India, Rishikesh. Now in excess of 425+ hours of training. From Vinyasa to Yin, movement mobility & functional movement. Since then I have gone on to teach around the world in countries such as Argentina, Peru, Colombia, India, Bali. 

Yoga has taught me so much and I aim to share and help others experience the benefits and blissfulness that yoga has to offer.​ My aim is to take you on a transformational journey.  To help you come back home to yourself, to then build functional strength & mobility throughout both the body & mind, finding unity & wholeness throughout.

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Damson Hill is a beautiful venue full of character 

tucked away in glorious slopping woodlands on the outskirts of the South Downs. 

This quirky, nature soaked location is the perfect place to step away from your busy day to reconnect back to nature.

Damson Hill, Upper Swanmore, Hampshire, SO32 2QR

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Indulge in a nourishing & delicious vegetarian lunch.


Snacks & Refreshments are provided throughout the day. 

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9.45am - Arrival

10am - Morning Meditation & Journalling

10.45am - Breath-lead yoga flow

12pm - Lunch 

1pm - Local Walk

2.30-4.30pm - Yin & Restorative Yoga

4.30pm - Closing fire circle

(Schedule may be subject to change


These day retreats are always such a a beautiful opportunity to step away from the chaos of your every day life, to slow down, press pause, reconnect back to yourself & nature. Bringing more balance and clarity into your life. 

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, restored and renewed. 

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